Corruption is everywhere in real life, and this issue is unravelled perfectly by this new k-drama “whisper” that I started watching yesterday. As I was watching the first episode, I remember being mind-blown the entire time, because this show talks about heavy issues in ways that are heart-wrenching and addicting. Also, I love how this show doesn’t only show flat characters (e.g. hero vs. villain), but reveals the motives behind the villain’s actions (much like OUAT, for a comparison). It makes the story more believable, and in this particular context, is a constant wake-up call for me that while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy a lot of other very necessary things: loyalty, power, fear, and “justice”.

And that last scene, man. That last scene left me gaping and wanting more.

So what’s the point of this post, you ask? I just wanted to let you guys know about this drama and how its so effing good (so far). Currently, I am at episode 3 and I literally had to pause it to write this short post.

In short, just go watch it. I’m srs.


13 Unpopular Opinions About “13 Reasons Why”

Welcome to your tape.

So, you are all probably aware of this TV show that’s pretty much the only thing people talk about these days. It’s based on a book by Jay Asher — which I actually haven’t read, but probably will sometime soon. You know me though, soon probably means like… I don’t know, in a few years? lol.

But I really did like this TV show, so much that I’m staying up on a school day to write this post. I have a lot of thoughts about this show, but no one to talk to about it because most of my friends haven’t finished watching it. And when I thought I could go to the wonderful fandom world — you know, fan accounts and stuff — to ease this urging desire, I felt like all of the opinions posted there were the same boring ones over and over again. I didn’t relate to most of them. So that’s the story of how this post was born.

>>> SPOILERS <<<

  1. What’s all the hype about Jeff Atkins?
  2. Hannah can be quite a drama queen.
  3. Mr. Porter is not that bad.
  4. Jessica’s rape is not really Justin’s fault.
  5. Clay Jensen should’ve told his mom about the tapes earlier.
  6. I don’t see how Jessica’s party affects Hannah (?)
  7. Why is Sheri one of the subjects for her tapes? Her causing Jeff’s death has practically nothing to do with Hannah.
  8. Speaking of which, how is it that Jeff died because the stop sign was knocked over? I mean, what happened to slowing down when you come across a junction?
  9. Mrs. Baker is annoying.
  10. This show brings awareness to suicide, yes, but what if it has the reverse effect and encourages suicidal teens to actually commit suicide?
  11. I don’t get the point of Tony’s character (?)
  12. I don’t like the cliffhanger at the end; they should stop after 1 season because that’s what the premise of the show allows.
  13. Why isn’t anyone making a big deal out of the fact that Zach still had that note Hannah wrote? Is Hannah an unreliable narrator?

So that’s all, friends! What do you guys think? And are you all excited for season 2 that’s confirmed to be coming up soon?