“Whisper” K-Drama Review

So, I finished watching Whisper. And from the lack of caps in this post, you probably think that I didn’t like it (because I’m so extra). But no, I actually liked it. I’m maybe not as hyped as I could be, and I’ll talk about the reason why, but I really really do recommend that you do watch it 🙂

I’ve explained the synopsis and stuff like that in my previous post (the post below this one), so let’s just jump right into the SPOILERS. Yum (lol what is wrong with me).

  1. The premise of the story is amazing. The whole corruption thing, I mean. I know I’ve said this before, but even as I was watching the drama, I was constantly reminded of how interesting and true-to-real-life the premise is. A lot of crime and law dramas only focus on solving the mystery of the murder or whatever, and allowing the viewers to try and solve the mystery by themselves, too. But with this one, we know who the killer is from the very beginning (episode 3 or 4, I think). Instead, the whole drama focuses on the quest to present this truth and punish the right person in the court, which proves to be the hard part. We have three parties (Soo Yeon, Jeong Il, and Young Joo + Dong Joon) and each wants a certain version of the truth to be revealed. For example, Jeong Il, wants either Shin Chang Ho or Soo Yeon to be proven guilty in court because he doesn’t want to pay for his crime. On the other hand, Young Joo wants Jeong Il to be proven guilty because she wants to avenge for her father. I especially really enjoyed the strategising before attacking one another, because it involves analysing each others’ motives and using it against them, even though I got confused at times about who wants what, and why (lol that made it even more confusing). All in all, I think corruption should be explored and portrayed more in other dramas of similar genre.
  2. The romance between Young Joo and Dong Joon was !!!!!!!. I was squealing when Young Joo boldly kissed Dong Joon to shut him up. In that tight space. <3. And I was bawling when a single tear rolled down Young Joo’s eyes when Dong Joon kissed her. I love them both so much, and I feel like this paragraph is going to end up in me rambling. Anyways, I just really love they way they look out for each other (Young Joo being the badass cop doing the physical fighting, while Dong Joon being the one with a lot of connections and money, doing the behind the scenes fighting), and even more so remembering that they were not on the same side initially, but grew fond of each other. The only critique I’d have is that… they didn’t have enough of the romance!! I would’ve loved to see more 스킨십 (skinship), tbh. I’m not saying that they should make this a romance drama, though. I guess it’s all about balance, and not leaving the readers hanging just when the relationship is starting to blossom.
  3. The ending was ugh. This is why I wasn’t really hyped up. You know how the ending is usually people’s last impression? Yeah, the ending is leaving me with a meh kinda impression on this drama. And I think it’s because of the one episode extension. Honestly, if they left it at episode 16, I would’ve been happy. It felt like a complete arc, even though things are not necessarily completely resolved. But that last episode, I felt like it added extra stuff to the plot that wasn’t really necessary. While they made an effort with the last line — “I will not ignore concrete evidence” or whatever — to reference the first episode and come to a full circle, I still think the other things in that last episode is pointless, to the point where it became boring. In conclusion, WHAT THE HECK IS IT WITH KDRAMAS AND THEIR STUPID EXTENSIONS. LIKE, STAHP ADDING STUFF WHEN IT’S ALREADY PERFECT. SOMETIMES, LESS IS MORE, YA KNOW.