“Whisper” K-Drama Review

So, I finished watching Whisper. And from the lack of caps in this post, you probably think that I didn’t like it (because I’m so extra). But no, I actually liked it. I’m maybe not as hyped as I could be, and I’ll talk about the reason why, but I really really do recommend that you do watch it 🙂

I’ve explained the synopsis and stuff like that in my previous post (the post below this one), so let’s just jump right into the SPOILERS. Yum (lol what is wrong with me).

  1. The premise of the story is amazing. The whole corruption thing, I mean. I know I’ve said this before, but even as I was watching the drama, I was constantly reminded of how interesting and true-to-real-life the premise is. A lot of crime and law dramas only focus on solving the mystery of the murder or whatever, and allowing the viewers to try and solve the mystery by themselves, too. But with this one, we know who the killer is from the very beginning (episode 3 or 4, I think). Instead, the whole drama focuses on the quest to present this truth and punish the right person in the court, which proves to be the hard part. We have three parties (Soo Yeon, Jeong Il, and Young Joo + Dong Joon) and each wants a certain version of the truth to be revealed. For example, Jeong Il, wants either Shin Chang Ho or Soo Yeon to be proven guilty in court because he doesn’t want to pay for his crime. On the other hand, Young Joo wants Jeong Il to be proven guilty because she wants to avenge for her father. I especially really enjoyed the strategising before attacking one another, because it involves analysing each others’ motives and using it against them, even though I got confused at times about who wants what, and why (lol that made it even more confusing). All in all, I think corruption should be explored and portrayed more in other dramas of similar genre.
  2. The romance between Young Joo and Dong Joon was !!!!!!!. I was squealing when Young Joo boldly kissed Dong Joon to shut him up. In that tight space. <3. And I was bawling when a single tear rolled down Young Joo’s eyes when Dong Joon kissed her. I love them both so much, and I feel like this paragraph is going to end up in me rambling. Anyways, I just really love they way they look out for each other (Young Joo being the badass cop doing the physical fighting, while Dong Joon being the one with a lot of connections and money, doing the behind the scenes fighting), and even more so remembering that they were not on the same side initially, but grew fond of each other. The only critique I’d have is that… they didn’t have enough of the romance!! I would’ve loved to see more 스킨십 (skinship), tbh. I’m not saying that they should make this a romance drama, though. I guess it’s all about balance, and not leaving the readers hanging just when the relationship is starting to blossom.
  3. The ending was ugh. This is why I wasn’t really hyped up. You know how the ending is usually people’s last impression? Yeah, the ending is leaving me with a meh kinda impression on this drama. And I think it’s because of the one episode extension. Honestly, if they left it at episode 16, I would’ve been happy. It felt like a complete arc, even though things are not necessarily completely resolved. But that last episode, I felt like it added extra stuff to the plot that wasn’t really necessary. While they made an effort with the last line — “I will not ignore concrete evidence” or whatever — to reference the first episode and come to a full circle, I still think the other things in that last episode is pointless, to the point where it became boring. In conclusion, WHAT THE HECK IS IT WITH KDRAMAS AND THEIR STUPID EXTENSIONS. LIKE, STAHP ADDING STUFF WHEN IT’S ALREADY PERFECT. SOMETIMES, LESS IS MORE, YA KNOW.


Corruption is everywhere in real life, and this issue is unravelled perfectly by this new k-drama “whisper” that I started watching yesterday. As I was watching the first episode, I remember being mind-blown the entire time, because this show talks about heavy issues in ways that are heart-wrenching and addicting. Also, I love how this show doesn’t only show flat characters (e.g. hero vs. villain), but reveals the motives behind the villain’s actions (much like OUAT, for a comparison). It makes the story more believable, and in this particular context, is a constant wake-up call for me that while money can’t buy happiness, it can buy a lot of other very necessary things: loyalty, power, fear, and “justice”.

And that last scene, man. That last scene left me gaping and wanting more.

So what’s the point of this post, you ask? I just wanted to let you guys know about this drama and how its so effing good (so far). Currently, I am at episode 3 and I literally had to pause it to write this short post.

In short, just go watch it. I’m srs.

13 Unpopular Opinions About “13 Reasons Why”

Welcome to your tape.

So, you are all probably aware of this TV show that’s pretty much the only thing people talk about these days. It’s based on a book by Jay Asher — which I actually haven’t read, but probably will sometime soon. You know me though, soon probably means like… I don’t know, in a few years? lol.

But I really did like this TV show, so much that I’m staying up on a school day to write this post. I have a lot of thoughts about this show, but no one to talk to about it because most of my friends haven’t finished watching it. And when I thought I could go to the wonderful fandom world — you know, fan accounts and stuff — to ease this urging desire, I felt like all of the opinions posted there were the same boring ones over and over again. I didn’t relate to most of them. So that’s the story of how this post was born.

>>> SPOILERS <<<

  1. What’s all the hype about Jeff Atkins?
  2. Hannah can be quite a drama queen.
  3. Mr. Porter is not that bad.
  4. Jessica’s rape is not really Justin’s fault.
  5. Clay Jensen should’ve told his mom about the tapes earlier.
  6. I don’t see how Jessica’s party affects Hannah (?)
  7. Why is Sheri one of the subjects for her tapes? Her causing Jeff’s death has practically nothing to do with Hannah.
  8. Speaking of which, how is it that Jeff died because the stop sign was knocked over? I mean, what happened to slowing down when you come across a junction?
  9. Mrs. Baker is annoying.
  10. This show brings awareness to suicide, yes, but what if it has the reverse effect and encourages suicidal teens to actually commit suicide?
  11. I don’t get the point of Tony’s character (?)
  12. I don’t like the cliffhanger at the end; they should stop after 1 season because that’s what the premise of the show allows.
  13. Why isn’t anyone making a big deal out of the fact that Zach still had that note Hannah wrote? Is Hannah an unreliable narrator?

So that’s all, friends! What do you guys think? And are you all excited for season 2 that’s confirmed to be coming up soon?

The House of Hades Book Review


I’m back, not with a Master’s Sun review like I kind of hinted on because I didn’t end up watching it until the end. While I usually re-read books and still find it interesting, it’s not the same with movies or tv series’. But, I finished House of Hades yesterday and decided to do a book review on it! Yay me, being responsible and updating my blog!

Before that, you might be asking me why I didn’t do a book review on all the other ones . Well. initially, I thought it would be too much and decided to just do an overall series review at the end. But then this book happened. HOH was so much better than the other books in the sense that it added so much depth to each of the seven’s characters. Besides, you know what happens when I try to do a series review at the end. I forget the details in the series! Just like it did with the Harry Potter review I promised but never ended up writing. Ha.

So anyway. Let’s get into it.

I guess there’s no point in writing a short synopsis for this book, since in order for it to make sense I’d have to tell the story from the beginning of the series, and ain’t nobody got time for dat. Instead, I’ll jump straight to the spoilery section. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, GO READ IT! SERIOUSLY I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND TRUST ME BECAUSE YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Bye now!


The main thing I want to talk about is Tartarus, since we’ve never seen it in other books. I never imagined Tartarus to be a body. Like, I thought it was a bottomless pit, and Percy and Annabeth would never stop falling. I mean, Tartarus is literally called the BOTTOMLESS PIT, right? Am I the only one who thought that? A lot of my friends imagined it to be how hell is typically illustrated — a really hot place. Either way, we all imagined it to be an indescribably scary place, and at the end of Mark of Athena I remember feeling so scared along with Percy and Annabeth. For it to be the literal body of Tartarus — with the veins being the rivers, etc.? It added so much suspense because you never know what to expect. I especially was really mind-blown by the arais (?) Like those things that curses you if you kill them with things that you did to your enemies. I really thought it was creative, putting things in the monsters’ perspective. At the same time, I really enjoyed the Percabeth moments in Tartarus, because it was there that it is shown how much they really care about each other. It was a time where they didn’t kiss as much — which always made me uncomfortable for some reason, unlike Frazel kisses — but instead expressed their love through other actions, such as sacrificing themselves, etc. 

Whoa, that is a lot about Tartarus. I can’t help it. I just found Tartarus to be so intriguing and even that many words isn’t enough to discuss it. There is just so many layers to it!

Okay. Now, about the other five heroes and their quest to get to Epirus. I found it less interesting than Tartarus (obviously), but I love how each of them were able to shine ever since they lost two of the most important heroes. There were able to really utilize their special abilities to contribute and ultimately make a great team. I love how their characters really developed, especially the fact that Leo, the supposed “seventh wheel,” was able to find love —man, I ship Caleo so much! — and also the whole Nico being gay ordeal — it kind of made him more vulnerable, which I liked. I know there are many more things to talk about regarding the quest, but that would take forever. Just know that I really did enjoy every single encounter with their enemies. Most notably, their encounter with Sciron, where Hazel was finally able to manipulate the Mist.

I am going to dedicate a final paragraph to… .DRUMROLL….. JASON GRACE. Not because he’s amazing, of course not. I think he is the stupidest and most useless hero out of the seven. PIPER is more useful than him. And the fact that he thinks so highly of himself just pisses me off even more. Jason can fly, sure, but does he ever use it to help? Percy and Annabeth could’ve been saved by him. He can’t even control the zombie legion thingy. Which I really found comical and had to close the book because I was laughing too hard. Serves you right. Sorry to all Jason fans, but I honestly find him to be so annoying.

I don’t know if I covered everything, but then again, could you really cover every single thing in this book? Because had strong feelings about most of the scenes in the book. I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for reading fictionistas! 🙂

Re-watching “Master’s Sun” (?)


I actually watched this drama a year ago and remember really enjoying it. Despite watching it during school days, I managed to finish it in 2 days. Yes, I watched it while showering, eating, on the toilet, on the way to school, and during school.

I remember loving the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin’s character and So Ji Sub’s character (i dont even remember their names). I remember loving the OST (MAN IT’S SO GOOD).

I specifically remember watching episode 12 at midnight and having promised beforehand to stop after this episode, but ended up still watching episode 13.

But I didn’t write a review at the time, because the ending really disappointed — infuriated, to be more precise— me.


I started watching episode 1 again recently out of boredom, and fell in love with it again. And… I might — most-likely — be re-watching the whole series. If I do end up re-watching it, then I’ll be posting a review.

This post is kind of pointless, but I just wanted to assure you I’m not dead. So yeah!


I Hear Your Voice Drama Review

Happy New Year 2016!
I started the new year watching this drama, which i quickly finished in 2 mere days. It was that good.

So here we go.

I Hear Your Voice is a drama revolving around law and this one girl, Jang Hye Sung (played by Lee Bo Young) who is all about justice. Until one day, she testified as a witness and the defendant threatened to kill her once he got out of jail.

Now go watch it yourself, come back later to discuss. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


First point: Park Soo Ha’s relationship with Hye Sung. I can’t. Too cute. Ship. OTP. Yes, I am aware that they are at least 8 years apart in the drama (and the girl is older, which is uncommon), and 10 years apart in real life (ok i gotta admit this part kind of made me uncomfortable for a sec). But watching Soo Ha love her endlessly since the very beginning (Hye Sung, you damn lucky gurl) and watching Hye Sung gradually fall in love with Soo Ha too is just… I can’t even begin to describe how it melts me. That’s right, I am in liquid form now. It even got me changing my mind about dating younger guys HAHA. I also secretly (i guess it’s not a secret anymore) replay their kiss scenes at least twice and squeal EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Second point: Min Joon Gook. Am I the only one who felt sorry for him towards the end? Am I as crazy as Do Yeon thought Kwan Woo was? I have always thought that I will never forgive him, but towards the end when the scene started flashing back to when his wife was dying – especially when he lied to his wife and told her he’ll get the heart – I suddenly felt sorry. Blame Jung Woong In, the actor, for playing him so flawlessly.

Third point: The love triangles man. Initially, I rooted for Kwan Woo and Hye Sung, but I couldn’t stand seeing Soo Ha hurt. Yet when Hye Sung started falling in love with Soo Ha, I can’t help but feel really bad for Kwan Woo and Sung Bin. It’s a lose lose situation. I especially feel really bad for Joong Ki. I’m sorry man, I feel you. The thing is, with the other people, at least someone else loves them. But Joong Ki, he has to witness his crush having a crush on someone else, and that someone else has a crush on someone else and constantly gives his crush false hope. Ok that was a handful. But point is, I can imagine how much he must hate Soo Ha, and how heartbroken he is whenever Sung Bin mentions Soo Ha. Idk, is it just me? Lol ok.

I think I found my new celebrity crush. And if you don’t know why, I’m not even gonna bother trying to describe this perfection.

So here’s a picture:


Enough said.

Thanks for reading this review!


So, it’s been like, what, 10000 years since I have posted?

Soryz. No for realz, I’m terribly sorry. School has been so hectic and I don’t even know how to pick up where I left off. I have left all of you hanging and I am sorry for that. Please forgive me.

I wanted to let you guys know that I am not dead. And I will be posting more during Christmas. I have a lot of things I am planning to post, so hang in there.

IB is killing me. I B dead in no time. OK.

Thanks so much for understanding, and please do look forward to my new posts. 🙂