Re-watching “Master’s Sun” (?)


I actually watched this drama a year ago and remember really enjoying it. Despite watching it during school days, I managed to finish it in 2 days. Yes, I watched it while showering, eating, on the toilet, on the way to school, and during school.

I remember loving the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin’s character and So Ji Sub’s character (i dont even remember their names). I remember loving the OST (MAN IT’S SO GOOD).

I specifically remember watching episode 12 at midnight and having promised beforehand to stop after this episode, but ended up still watching episode 13.

But I didn’t write a review at the time, because the ending really disappointed — infuriated, to be more precise— me.


I started watching episode 1 again recently out of boredom, and fell in love with it again. And… I might — most-likely — be re-watching the whole series. If I do end up re-watching it, then I’ll be posting a review.

This post is kind of pointless, but I just wanted to assure you I’m not dead. So yeah!



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