I Hear Your Voice Drama Review

Happy New Year 2016!
I started the new year watching this drama, which i quickly finished in 2 mere days. It was that good.

So here we go.

I Hear Your Voice is a drama revolving around law and this one girl, Jang Hye Sung (played by Lee Bo Young) who is all about justice. Until one day, she testified as a witness and the defendant threatened to kill her once he got out of jail.

Now go watch it yourself, come back later to discuss. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


First point: Park Soo Ha’s relationship with Hye Sung. I can’t. Too cute. Ship. OTP. Yes, I am aware that they are at least 8 years apart in the drama (and the girl is older, which is uncommon), and 10 years apart in real life (ok i gotta admit this part kind of made me uncomfortable for a sec). But watching Soo Ha love her endlessly since the very beginning (Hye Sung, you damn lucky gurl) and watching Hye Sung gradually fall in love with Soo Ha too is just… I can’t even begin to describe how it melts me. That’s right, I am in liquid form now. It even got me changing my mind about dating younger guys HAHA. I also secretly (i guess it’s not a secret anymore) replay their kiss scenes at least twice and squeal EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Second point: Min Joon Gook. Am I the only one who felt sorry for him towards the end? Am I as crazy as Do Yeon thought Kwan Woo was? I have always thought that I will never forgive him, but towards the end when the scene started flashing back to when his wife was dying – especially when he lied to his wife and told her he’ll get the heart – I suddenly felt sorry. Blame Jung Woong In, the actor, for playing him so flawlessly.

Third point: The love triangles man. Initially, I rooted for Kwan Woo and Hye Sung, but I couldn’t stand seeing Soo Ha hurt. Yet when Hye Sung started falling in love with Soo Ha, I can’t help but feel really bad for Kwan Woo and Sung Bin. It’s a lose lose situation. I especially feel really bad for Joong Ki. I’m sorry man, I feel you. The thing is, with the other people, at least someone else loves them. But Joong Ki, he has to witness his crush having a crush on someone else, and that someone else has a crush on someone else and constantly gives his crush false hope. Ok that was a handful. But point is, I can imagine how much he must hate Soo Ha, and how heartbroken he is whenever Sung Bin mentions Soo Ha. Idk, is it just me? Lol ok.

I think I found my new celebrity crush. And if you don’t know why, I’m not even gonna bother trying to describe this perfection.

So here’s a picture:


Enough said.

Thanks for reading this review!


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